about me

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Hello! I’m Jenn, and I’m the girl behind the lens at HelloLuv!

As the name suggests, I have a passion for capturing love in all of its various and wonderful forms:

  • the vibrant, excited love existing between a newly engaged couple
  • the soft and tender love between parents and their children
  • the unconditional, best-friend type of love between people and their pets
  • the beautiful, self-confident love that one can convey of themself through personal beauty portraits,    & more!

It’s important to me to capture each unique expression of your love through high-quality images that display your personality and emotion, and tell your story!

I’m always willing and enthusiastic to work with you to personalize your portraits, whether you’d like to shoot at a location that is meaningful to you, incorporate items or props to help tell your story, or any other creative project you have in mind!


A bit about me:

I fell absolutely and irrevocably in love with photography at a young age. I acquired one of the good ol’ McDonalds Concord 110 cameras by the age of 7, was managing a portrait studio in Calgary by the age of 16, and bought my first digital SLR shortly thereafter (the now-archaic Canon 20D). Since then, I’ve gained experienced shooting and editing photos and videos for government, non-profit and higher education sectors. I’m also a web developer, hand-coder and complete nerd of all things HTML, CSS, WordPress, Drupal, SEO/SEM, & digital-design related.

My passions outside of photography & web design include: travelling, enjoying the beautiful outdoors (fishing, camping, hiking), music (mostly electronic & hard rock) and exploring this gorgeous world we live in!